This set of folders and galleries with photos taken in June 2013 represents a trip from our Annapolis MD home by air from BWI to Los Angeles and then a 1200-mile mostly coastal drive north to Olympia, and home from Sea-Tac. The drive included great family visits in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Olympia. With generally good weather, we saw some of this beautiful coast for the first time - although we once lived in LA - and hope you will enjoy these photos as much as we did being there to take them.

The photos reside in galleries within the top folder row and below on this page. The photos are grouped by location, with a few itinerary maps for orientation. Click on a photo at left and it will appear at the right; click on that and it will appear alone; click on the slanted arrows at the top to get full screen and from there navigate with the left-right keyboard keys or click on arrows at the side of the screen. Click the X at upper right for the previous screen.
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